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“Celebrating Over 37-Years of Educational Ministry, Since 1980”


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Study to show thyself approved, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.   
II Timothy 2:15 (paraphrase)


Total Cost of a Single Degree is Just $1990     

*There are NO other costs or fees and books are free…

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  •  If you are enrolling in a Bachelor’s Degree Degree, you must provide a copy of your high school diploma, or GED equivalency certificate, prior to graduation from NCU.
  • If you are enrolling in a Masters Degree Program, proof of your Bachelor degree in any major (either religious or secular) must be provided prior to graduation from NCU.
  • If enrolling in a Doctorate Degree Program, proof of your Master Degree in any major (either religious or secular) must be provided prior to graduation from NCU.
  • You can complete enrollment and begin your degree program without proof of the required documentation, however such proof in the form of a degree, diploma, transcripts etc., must be provided prior to graduation and award of your degree.
  • Do not send transcripts and documentation until after enrollment and assignment of your faculty advisor.

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Explanation Of The 98% Savings at NCU

Savings Available Through NCU. Northwestern Christian University keeps student expenses to a minimum, saving you up to 98% or more in total educational expenses of private colleges and universities. Business week magazine (Nov. 2008) reported that private colleges are now charging $120,000 or more for a four year degree program. * The latest studies show that some of the more prestigious universities are costing as much as $200,000 for a four year educational program (AOL Article Nov. 2010). Compare that with just $1,990 for a single degree program at NCU.

All students who enroll will receive the following considerations:

  1. Prompt Express Enrollment Processing,  Student status activation, Immediate assignment of courses, prompt access to the MOODLE educational management system used by major universities, and assignment of your Faculty Advisor.
  2. No interest monthly payments and No additional fees.
  3. All required Text Books are also provided through the NCU/ Moodle System at NO additional cost. NO hidden fees!

Total Cost … No hidden fees and books are Free !

If accepted, it is easy to complete enrollment:

Make your initial payment upon notification of Acceptance.

Your student enrollment is complete and you may begin your degree program.


  • Your Love Offer/ Tuition balance will be paid in monthly payments of just $99 with 0% Interest with Option B. You may pay off your total balance at anytime without penalty. Your balance must be paid prior to the award of your initial Degree.
  • Credit Cards other than your own can be authorized for your enrollment.
  • If accepted, you are expected to complete enrollment immediately or within the 14- day enrollment period by paying your initial love offer/ tuition payment.
  • SAVE!! All required Text Books are provided through the Northwestern-Moodle System at absolutely NO cost. There are NO hidden costs or fees.

Complimentary E-Book:
To show our appreciation a complimentary E-Book
” Clear Purpose and Direction for Your Life Now “
Is automatically provided today, as part of your NCU confirmation.


IMPORTANT: Some U.S. States do not allow religious schools to offer B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. Degrees. In such a case, you will be able to replace such with B.Th., M.Th.,  and Th.D. Degrees.



Thank you for choosing Northwestern Christian University
We promise to do our very best in providing you a quality,
Christ centered, university education.

All NCU Degree Programs are intended to prepare students for Ministry Avocations.

All Races and Nationalities are fully welcome at Northwestern Christian University.

| Refund/Withdrawal Policy |

Refunds of Love Offer may be given, for a valid reason, at our discretion, if the student withdraws within fourteen days of enrollment. The amount of the refunds will be based on the percentage table and timeframes below.

Withdrawal Time and Percentage Table
• Withdrawals within the first 7 days of enrollment = 100% minus the $150.00 Student Enrollment Processing Fee (The $150.00 fee is currently waived for new enrollments, however, the waiver does not apply to withdrawals and the fee will be charged at the time of termination).
• Withdrawals within the 8th to 14th day of enrollment = 50% minus the $150.00 Student Enrollment Processing Fee (The $150.00 fee is currently waived for new enrollments, however, the waiver does not apply to withdrawals and the fee will be charged at the time of termination).
• Withdrawals after 14th day of enrollment = 0%
(No refunds after this period. No exceptions, other than for Special Circumstances as listed in this policy)

Withdrawal/Refund Procedures
Withdrawals and request for refunds must be in writing, submitted by certified postal mail, and is credited based on the post marked date on the envelope. The requests for withdrawal should include the reason for the withdrawal, if you should consider re-enrollment at a later time. The requests should be mailed to:

Northwestern Christian University
Administrative Communications
5135 US HWY 19N. #117
New Port Richey, Florida 34652

Withdrawal from the PayPal Auto-Debit Subscription

Withdrawal or cancellation of the PayPal auto-debit subscription requires the student to contact PayPal since the auto-debit subscription is a private arrangement between the student and PayPal and NCU has no authority rewarding the student’s private PayPal auto debit subscription.

Re-Enrollments after Withdrawal
In cases where the withdrawal of the student is considered to be for acceptable reasons, (this solely at the discretion and approval of the University), students may re-register and begin where they left off with their studies, with prior or amended payment arrangements, and a $150.00 re-enrollment registration fee (the current waiver will not apply). Any funds paid by a student, that has been approved for re-enrollment, that were not refunded because the initial withdrawal was not accomplished within the established time frame, will be credited to the student’s degree program’s account.

Special Circumstances
In case of death or involuntary call to military duty, NCU will return 100% of the Love Offer amounts received, if such event takes place within 90 days of enrollment.

University Disclaimer and Release of Liability Policies

Christian Alliance Ministries and Northwestern Christian University hereafter referred to as CAM/ NCU, offer Christ centered education to the world as the central function of our worldwide ministries. This is a legally-binding release made by you through your action of submitting your application form to CAM / NCU. Our Ministries are not regulatory agencies.  While every effort is made to insure that information and education is provided in accord with high standards, and is current and accurate, no representations or warranties expressed or implied, are guaranteed by Christian Alliance Ministries / Northwestern Christian University regarding staff, board members, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors, ministers, agents or anyone associated with the above stated ministries or any form of NCU education / program content. By submitting this application and (or) enrolling you agree to this liability statement. Furthermore, you agree that, in consideration for any education or learning opportunity provided to you, you understand that this is a ministry related educational program and not for secular employment purposes or form monetary gain and that such education is not regionally accredited or approved by the U.S. / D.O.E. you will assume and take on yourself any and all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with your future following graduation including assessment of the quality and competency of the education that you have freely chosen from CAM / NCU. In addition, you fully release and hold harmless Christian Alliance Ministries / Northwestern Christian University and all of it’s staff, board of directors, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors , ministers and agents from any and all liability, claims or actions that may arise to or from yourself, in connection with the decision to enroll, attend, or participate in any way, with any of the Christian Alliance Ministries including Northwestern Christian University. You recognize fully, that this release means that you are giving up among other things your rights to sue The Office of the Presiding Pastor of Christian Alliance Ministries and His Successors, a Corporation Sole (Northwestern Christian University Fellowships and Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ Fellowships), it’s staff, board members, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors, ministers, agents or anyone associated with the above stated ministries, for damages, injuries or losses you may incur through or resulting from any of the the services or educational programs that you may receive from this ministry organization. You also fully understand that this release binds your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, as well as yourself and your dependent’s.

Northwestern Christian University

Study to show thyself approved of God, a workman who need
not be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.
II Timothy 2:15


Void where prohibited.